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If you are planning to launch or already are a part of a company that needs to periodically deliver different goods and products to other countries or even if it’s a just one time thing, you are probably facing an important question: “Which kind of transport should I choose?”.When it comes to international transport, there are a lot of options to choose from, such as air freight, ocean freight road or rail transport. This is why it is so important to determine which is the most efficient method of transportation to suit the needs of your business. In this particular article, we are going to talk about international road and rail transport and we are going to make a short comparison between these two and between each of them and other means of international transportation.When considering speed and reliability, rail and road transportation are surpassed by air freight, but shipping your packages using train or truck transportation can be the right choice if you don’t rely on extremely fast deliveries and you can work with a longer transit line, especially since this option can be a lot cheaper.International road transport is widely used today, due to the fact that it is quite flexible, being able to reach virtually anywhere and can provide “door-to-door service”. Another advantage is the fact that it can be cheaper than other means of transportation, but only for shorter distances, meaning that doesn’t apply for international road transport. However, it also can be cheaper when talking about small-sized shipments, no matter the distance, so if you have to send small packages, choosing to send them by truck could be the right decision for you.The final advantage we are going to talk about is the fact that a truck cargo is extremely easy to load and unload, which makes the process faster than in the case of a train. The main two disadvantages of truck transportation are the fact that is can be affected by weather condition and the negative effect they have on the environment. Studies show that trucks generate five times more greenhouse gas emissions than other means of transportation. From this point of view, rail transportation can be more efficient, since trains take in one gallon of fuel to transport one ton of freight for about 484 miles and aren’t as damaging to the environment.Another advantage of rail transport and reason for which it is expected for the rail transport to flourish in the following years is the fact that it’s inexpensive and can be used to transport almost anything. Another important factor is the fact that trains ensure a more secure transit, with less accidents and higher reliability than trucks.Now that we have reached the end of our short comparison between road and rail transport, it is up to you to choose the means of transportation that will better fit the needs of your company and bring you the results you desire. If you are still having difficulties with package shipping, we recommend tapping the services of a logistics company, which can help you with all the aspects of this process.