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Ravensword: Shadowlands

You start the game as the sole survivor of a massive war between humans and elves. Your ultimate goal? Collect three Ravenstones and finally find the legendary Ravensword . The storyline of the game is not trying to show you something original, but is OK and somehow different. The main advantage is of course it’s huge expansive world, full of exploration and adventure and this will surely entertain you. The world you live in, is a fantastic world, full of details, secrets and side-quests. A lot of different environments to explore and wander, such as deserts, jungles, underground caves and snowy mountains. You will encounter various enemies in your path. Those of you who have played before the classic Elder Scrolls series, you will know just from the first minute of the game that this is such a kind of game, pretty much the same, only it is less demanding.

One of the strengths of the game are the controls. You can do anything you have imagined and all this can be done in just using a button on your screen. It is a very cleverly structured handling, which makes the game fun and does not require special attention from you, on how to do something, but it allows you to focus primarily on what to do, to complete the game. Furthermore you can block, attack, use magic, make jumps, mount animals, both on ground and air. The HUD is always there, minimalistic and full of information. As you move up levels, you gain greater energy, abilities and talents which allows you to increase strength, agility, speed, endurance, jumping, etc. Gather all kinds of weapons from archering to swordfighting, collect myriad of items, increase your skills and magic abilities. However your attention is completely absorbed from exploration, which at the beginning it starts smoothly and evolves in a fantastic experience, more and more interesting. This exploring and open-world game mechanics, can lead you also in incredible difficulties, as you can always be found in some parts of the map that enemies are not fitting with your own current abilities.

Most players will manage more than 40 hours gameplay, either according to the main scenario or the time consuming side-quests. You can also get in trouble with the law and go to jail. At some point in the game you will able to buy houses and furniture and decorate your own place.

Ravensword has bleeding-edge graphics and this is somewhat strange and daring for the mobile world. Everything are brilliantly designed from the lead character, npcs, animals and monsters to beautifully detailed towns, houses and landscapes. World of the Kingdom of Tyreas has its unique style and it’s a pleasant experience. The sound in Ravensword for its kind is pretty awesome. Music gives the appropriate mood either if you fight an enemy or you just sightseeing and wander and it has an exceptional voice acting that makes you forget the subtitles. The sound for combat and enemies is first class and music changes dynamically for every situation.

Ravensword brings remarkable visuals and mechanics to mobile platform. A vast exploration and a plentifully detailed world for you to unravel. Pursue an immersed storyline to unfold the mysteries of the Kingdom of Tyreas.