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Most Popular PS2 Games and How to Save From Losing It

Gaming consoles have evolved over time from the simple Tetris hand held games to highly sophisticated game devices with all the special effects for gamers. There are a wide range of PS2 games now available in the gaming arena. Let me brief you about some of the most popular PlayStation 2 games. This is not a correct list, but if you are going to begin your PlayStation gaming and don’t know where to begin, then this is the key games and sure you will love these.

Final Fantasy is the first blockbuster RPG by PS2. The story line is captivating with even voice acting and wonderful animation. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an all time favorite game. This game by Rock star followed the GTA Vice City, which was also a big hit. The game play, skill upgrades, animation, the highly evolved game missions etc. makes this game stand out. The game can also be played as a multiplayer game. God of War has a Greek mythology epic storyline with wonderful control mechanics. Metal Gear Solid 3 is a manly game with enough of shooting and firing and also apt adventure. A true boy’s game. Wrestling games are also the top favorites. WWE Smack down vs. Raw 2010 is the topper of the list. You can play as your favorite WWE Superstar against any WWE enemy. Kick it off with this sure shot action game.

All these game disks are very costly and can be afforded just once. But if you lose it or it gets scratched, then it’s lost forever. Earlier with Atari disks, there was the risk of the cartridge getting damaged; still now we face the problem of the game disk getting damaged due to usage or scratches. You can save your disk from getting damaged due to a scratch by using a scratch remover. But always, a precaution is necessary. This can be temporary relief and does not guarantee the lifelong existence of your priced possession. Therefore, you can be on the safer side by creating a backup copy of your game CD’s in a hard drive or another disk, so that you can still play even if your original disk is not usable.

Later, if the burned CD gets damaged you can do the backup process again and play with the new one as much as you need so that the original CD remains intact. Always make sure you never use it for any kind of printing purpose and only for backup purpose thus supporting the piracy campaign and standing against it for a good cause.