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5 Great Games to Teach Your Kids the Books of the Bible

I believe one of the main goals of every Sunday School teacher should be is that their class knows all the books of the Bible by heart. If we want our kids to grow up being scholars of God’s Word, they need to know where every book is and have an idea of its main characters. Here are 5 fun games you can play to get your kids on the road to better knowing the greatest book of all time.

To Play:

You will need to make a set of “Bible Book Cards”. You can easily do this on your computer with some colorful graphics or you can simply print the names of all the books of the Bible on some index cards. Some of the games use points. So, on the backs of the cards, in random order, you will want to print point values of 100 to 500. Kids REALLY like earning points for their teams. Finally, I suggest you laminate all the cards for long-term use.

5 Great Games

1. OT/NT Sort – Simply get 2 boxes and label one “Old Testament” and the other “New Testament”. Grab 10 or so of the Bible Book Cards and set a timer to 30 seconds. When you say, “Go”, give a child the opportunity to correctly sort the cards in their appropriate boxes. For every one he got correct, tally up the points for his team. As the children learn their books better, you will be able to give them more cards to sort.

2. Order Up! – Grab a clothesline and some clothespins. Give a child a set of Bible Book Cards that you would like him to put in order. You might want to limit it to 5 cards to begin with until he gets to know the Bible. For this game the points are tallied only on the cards that were placed out of order. The team with the least points wins. You might consider setting a time limit on this game as well.

3. Grab and Find – Grab a bucket and put in some Bible Book Cards. Have a child come up and pull out a card. Give him 15 seconds to find the book in the Bible. If he is successful, he gets the points on the card for his team.

4. Name a Character – This is played the same as #3 above, but instead of finding the book in the Bible, the child must say one main character that is in the book that he chose.

5. Guess the Book – Lay out 5 Bible Book Cards on a table. Read a Bible verse from one of the books and give a child the chance to guess which book on the table it comes from. Reward the points on the back of the card if the guess was correct. Keep reading verses for the other cards until there are 2 left. Lay out more cards to make it harder.

If points are involved in a game, I usually have a child from the class come forward and be my scorekeeper. Have fun!