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Acrostic Poem For Presidents

Each line of an acrostic poem begins with a letter which spells out a word. For example, an acrostic poem for PRESIDENTS:

Poetry about presidents, when

Read by people in the United States,

Encourages a sense of national pride.

Subtle are the mechanisms by which,

In the name of peace we search for

Independence or for

Democracy or

Environmental stability.

Not easily can the presidents accomplish their

Task of creating stewards of us all.

Slowly we will sink or rise.To remember the presidents I use a mnemonic: this mnemonic gives me the first or the first few letters of the name of each president. A mnemonic is a zany phrase which can readily be stored by the mind and recalled at will. So, imagine a space animal named Jo. Jo is involved with some kind of nightly wrestling match where he carries rayguns. One day, being clumsy Jo bungles and shoots his own foot, ouch. So, close your eyes and picture and remember the exact phrase:
Jo nightly fought carrying rayguns but clumsily bungled; ouch!

The first letters will allow you to remember the last nine presidents of the US in order (Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama).

You can make your own mnemonic or acrostic poem at Use the following Quickstart link to create a mnemonic for presidents.

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