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Bible Science Experiments for Kids: Use Quarters to Demonstrate God’s Protection

Many Christians wonder how to know the will of God in their lives. One wise man suggested, “It is easier to turn a moving ship than a still ship.” He meant that if you keep moving and trying out various choices, God will “turn you” and get you moving in the right direction. He’ll close a door if it’s not the right one and give you signs along the way. Such is better than trying to figure out God’s will by doing nothing-simply sitting still.

By trying this motion Bible science experiment with your Sunday School class, we can demonstrate lots about finding God’s will in our lives.

Bible Science Experiment Instructions:

1. To begin, each child will need a quarter.

2. Have students put their elbow out in front of them so that the part of their arm from the elbow to the wrist is parallel to the floor

3. turn their wrist so their palm is facing up

4. place a quarter maybe an inch from their elbow on the top, flat part of their arm

5. drop their arm very quickly with an open hand

Ask the children: “Did you catch the quarter? Almost? Try it again!”

After a few tries, most students can catch the quarter so easily that they are amazed. It’s as if the quarter “wanders” into their hands if they drop their arm fast enough.

Scientific Explanation for the Kids:

“The quarter is in a state of inertia when you start out. The force of gravity will definitely pull it downward once you drop your elbow, but the fall is slow getting started due to inertia. Your arm, however, is already in motion, moving rapidly as you drop your elbow quickly. Hence it has time to catch the quarter before inertia gives way to the gravitational pull.”

Experiment’s Link to the Bible:

Ask the kids: “Have you ever been in such a big jam that you thought not even God could get you out of it? God often lets us suffer the consequences of our actions, and even the best of people will have their faith tested. You can feel a lot like that quarter in the Bible science experiment -like you’re going to hit the ground and die due to some scary circumstance in your life. But Psalm 37:24 says that though men frequently fall a ways, man will not be utterly cast down-will not hit the ground with a splatter! Why? Because for the Lord upholds us in his hand. No matter what our scary problem or how much like falling it feels, God is swift enough and strong enough to catch us!”