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Bars in Protaras, Cyprus

The bars in Protaras, Cyprus have everything to offer holidaymakers looking for a great night out or even those who enjoy a great full cooked English breakfast. You can sit and watch continuous episodes of only fools and horses whilst gobbling down your fried bacon and eggs in Zorbas Karaoke bar or even enjoy reruns of Friends in the bar that bears the same name. In fact the strip abounds with theme bars including the above and a dedicated only fools and horses pub too. Most places are open early till late serving the full cooked breakfast, lunch and snacks with dinners for all taste late into the night.

Family entertainment is the name of the game with the bars in Protaras Cyprus so don’t be too surprised to see all the top names billed there for nightly appearances. On most nights of the week you could be treated to live performances by Cher, Abba and even Elvis himself (not bad for a dead dude). Joking aside, these tribute acts are truly amazing and great fun holiday entertainment for all the family. Competition for your hard earned cash is fierce so many places have a happy hour and some of them are permanent. Great news for the tourist who can have some great food, free entertainment and cheap drinks without having to trawl the strip all night.

Karaoke is alive and kicking in the bars in Protaras in Cyprus too so grab the hairbrush and start practicing in front of your mirror because most places have a get up to sing night at least once a week. If however you just want a quite drink there are lots of tavernas along the main road where you will be more than welcome to order drinks at your table even if you don’t wish to dine there. Or perhaps you want to relax with a great view of the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean as your backdrop. In that case the small eateries between Protaras and Fig Tree bay could be just what you are looking for.

Protaras or “Prot” as it is affectionately known amongst the ex pat community has something for everyone whatever kind of night out you may be looking for. Even the locals go out there (when they have time) and more and more of the bars are staying open all year round to cater for this trend. No holiday on the resort would be complete without a few drinks in the Sphinx an Egyptian themed bar situated at the top of the strip a few yards from Mac Donald’s on the same side of the street. They have torch bearers at the entrance and are well into the whole Egypt thing too. So unpack, chill out and check out some of the great bars in Protaras Cyprus.